The Witch Tree

by Susan Caldwell, Lily Ounekeo, and Bill Caldwell

Developed in GameMaker: Studio for Windows. Version 3 (updated Dec. 2, 2013).

Warning: Contains mature content

Synopsis: A man and his lover are hanged for witchcraft in an 18th century colonial American village...

Comments ( 4 )

RC said: The art is really great! The cutscenes were so weird, haha. If you hadn't explained the origins of the mandrake I would have been so very confused. over 6 years ago
bystanderbear said: Really amazing artistry, great job! over 6 years ago
fireAndCoffee said: Wow, the atmosphere here is fantastic! over 6 years ago
Mozz said: dark and evocative - I love it :D over 6 years ago
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